Wander lightly and Leave No Trace.

*Disclaimer:  Travel is one of our most wasteful activities because we're detached from our base and unable to rely on our own belongings and food.    A little bit of planning and preparation goes a long way in preventing excess travel waste.   These are some of the brands that I personally have found to be ethically and environmentally responsible and they therefore deserve our purchasing love!


Klean Kanteen- The original stainless steel bottle.  Family owned, transparent, and committed to giving back.  P.S. Stop using plastic bottles. Even if you recycle them, plastic can only be recycled a finite number of times, unlike steel and glass.


ToGo Ware- Each year, Americans throw away enough single-use plastic utensils to circle the equator 300 times. To-Go Ware uses recycled plastic bottles to make cases for their sleek bamboo cutlery.  They ALSO make stainless steel, airtight food containers called "tiffins".  Between the two you should be able to cruise through the airport avoiding plastic forks and styrofoam boxes like the plague. 


Green Goo-  Badass lady-owned business that makes incredible, cruelty-free salves and other first aid items.  I carry some of their stuff with me everywhere I go, accident prone as I am.  


Keep Cup-  A stylish, more coffee-centric alternative to your regular thermos.  These are big in the coffee world, trust me, Iā€™m a barista.


EBA Totes-  Functional, sustainably made totes THAT WILL FIT MY MASON JARS??  Almost too good to be true!  

greengoo (1).png