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Protect where you play.

*Disclaimer:  You do NOT need to consume new products to go be in nature, my favorite places to find outdoor gear are thrift stores.  But, if you are going to buy something, these are some of the brands that I personally have found to be ethically and environmentally responsible and they therefore deserve our purchasing love!

REI Co-Op Journal

REI Co-Op Journal

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Patagonia Worn Wear-  Certified Patagonia gear with a guarantee, at much lower prices.  Worn Wear is Patagonia’s used clothing resale site and its amazing.  

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Manduka Yoga- Luxury yoga mats made from biodegradable, responsibly harvested (ie, Not from the Amazon) natural rubber.  All of their products are made with natural, organic, or recycled materials and some things are made emissions-free.

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Suga Yoga- Reincarnated yoga mats made from recycled wetsuits.


United by Blue- For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from our world's oceans and waterways.  As in, they organize a cleanup and participate themselves along with the other volunteers.  Yeah.


Cotopaxi- Using alternative fibers like llama-fleece, Cotopaxi is a growing gear company that cares about the people in its factories and is transparent throughout the process.  Each pack is different, as workers are encouraged to create based on their ideas and color preferences.


Teeki-  My absolute favorite pants that I own are my Mermaid Fairyqueen Teeki leggings. This company makes badass yoga clothing from recycled plastic bottles.  The fit, the process, the designs, I can’t get enough of this brand.


Brooks-  As your typical injury-prone runner, my running shoes are crucial to my performance, meaning I trade them out sooner than most of my shoes that I wear into the ground.  Because of this, I was determined to find a brand that wasn’t known for sweatshops or cheap materials.  Enter, Brooks.  Their corporate responsibility page goes above and beyond what most companies provide, and they release their performance reports based on their values. 


Smartwool- The only socks that I’ve found actually keep my feet functional when I’m hiking/running in the cold; and trust me, my feet are perpetually cold, just ask the person I share a bed with.


Farm to Feet-  Another brand of merino wool socks, but these are sourced from the USA as well as manufactured here, hence the name Farm to Feet.  My ice queen feet can’t wait to try these.


Bambool-  Ultra-sustainable bamboo and merino wool layers!  For those people who find merino wool alone to be super-freaking-scratchy.


Arêt Basewear-  Kickass woman-run company that creates legendary sports bras.  


Coal Headwear-  Warm hats, made in the US, simple designs. Boom.


RuffWear-  Because dogs are the most wonderful creatures on the planet and deserve to be treated as such.  Ruffwear makes durable, adorable dog gear, for those times when your best friend needs some extra warmth or rain-proofing.


Wild Rye-  High performance but straight up beautiful ski and bike apparel for women.  I couldn’t find much about where/how its made, but I’ll update this when I do.

Astral- Based out of my neighboring city of Asheville, North Carolina, this company is committed to producing non-toxic, low impact footwear and outdoor gear.  

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Fair Harbor-  Recycled plastic bottle boardshorts and swim trunks.  Because I provided a female version with Teeki, here ya go, boys.

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ULA-  Any ultralight backpacking geek has heard of ULA, one of the OG cottage companies that make badass gear on a small scale. I have the Circuit pack and the thing is light as a damn feather.  It has made my backpacking trips all the more enjoyable.