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Healthy products for a clean and happy dwelling.

*Disclaimer:  You can make virtually anything you need to have a happy and healthy home, you do NOT need to consume new products.  (See Make Your Place by Raleigh Briggs from Microcosm Publishing). But, if you are going to buy something, these are some of the brands that I personally have found to be ethically and environmentally responsible and they therefore deserve our purchasing love!


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Life Without Plastic-  Allll the stuff you need to know about plastics and how to reduce their presence in your everyday life.  This really is the encyclopedia of plastic free everything.


Merkur Razors- German company DOVO Solingen has been manufacturing straight razors for over a century now.  In 1996 they acquired the Merkur brand shaving equipment (that had been making razors and blades since 1896) that we semi-hairy, zero waste hippies are positively weak for.  The history of the brand is also quite fascinating, definitely worth a read.

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Brush with Bamboo- One of the easiest sustainable switches that you can and should make.  Your plastic toothbrush from elementary school is still in a landfill somewhere, just hangin’ out, releasing toxins as it takes its sweet time breaking down.  These brushes are made with a bamboo handle and nylon/BioBased bristles, so when you’re done you pull out the bristles with pliers and throw them away, then compost the handle. This is the brush I use and my mouth loves it.


Simple Ecology- Socially conscious and beautiful, reusable bags. Sidenote, STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified.


EcoBags US- Those ultra-chic, net bags you see in those perfectly posed farmers’ market pics on Instagram.  Yeahh, those bags.


Package Free Shop- Everything you could ever want or need to be a lower impact human is available in this Brooklyn-based shop.  Started by Lauren Singer, aka @trashisfortossers, this shop is simply amazing.


Eco at Heart- I honestly can’t find much about this company in terms of where/how the products are made.  But they make stainless steel reusable straws and I’m down with that.  If I find out any more about them I’ll update this.

Mur Lifestyle- For the *luxe* minimalist.  Make your house look like a Scandinavian catalog and feel good about it. 


Chico Bags- You’ve probably seen their bags at your local *healthy* supermarket.  Recycled materials and minimal packaging, CHA-CHING.

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ToGo Ware- Each year, Americans throw away enough single-use plastic utensils to circle the equator 300 times. To-Go Ware uses recycled plastic bottles to make cases for their sleek bamboo cutlery.  Buy one.  Stop using plastic forks and shit.  Please.

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The Wild Minimalist- Go-to online shop for everything zero-waste. Go on, geek out.