If you had asked me two years ago what sustainability meant to me, I would've drawn a blank.  I grew up recycling in a small, rural town that certainly did not make it easy to recycle.  At age 11 I started a nature club and led the other kids around the neighborhood on litter cleanups.  I've always had a sense of urgency and stewardship when it comes to the natural world, but it wasn't until a little over a year ago that I really began to understand the concept of sustainability.  


After college, I moved to a new city for a year of service in AmeriCorps.  CAC AmeriCorps is an environmental corps in Knoxville, TN that focuses primarily on community building and environmental protection.  I spent a year in the City of Knoxville Office of Sustainability under the venerable Mayor Madeline Rogero.  During my time in that position I met a multitude of action-oriented, passionate people who were doing their best to make the world a better place.  But more than that, I began to see how my passion for the environment could translate into an objectively useful way of life.  

While I believe in the inherent worth of the natural world, I cannot expect everyone I meet to share my sentiments.  To me, sustainability is where the emotion-driven, "tree hugging" world and the (sometimes) highly efficient business world align.  You don't have to ditch your deodorant and commit to living in a tree (personal dream, judge me) to recognize the efficiency and simplicity of living a low impact life.  Use less, buy less, pay for less, require less! 

When you realize that you don't need so much STUFF to live a fulfilled life, you can start spending your time doing more meaningful things; traveling a little more, or taking a class to learn something new.  Minimalism is the ultimate form of sustainability, and while I'm not quite there, a simpler, more streamlined way of life is what I strive for.  Sustainability can, and should be, applied to any and all aspects of life!  Work, home, play, social... living sustainably is just a fancy word for "everything in moderation."  

With this blog I intend to provide examples of sustainability in all its forms.  Whether it be through highlighting cool companies that are fighting the good fight or sharing a successful DIY attempt, I want this to be the place where you can come to learn, be inspired, and regain a little faith in humanity. 

Keep checking in for some exciting developments on the "Work" side of this site. In the meantime, here's to doing what you love and hoping its sustainable!